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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  September 9, 2011 2:05am-4:00am EDT

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as we told you at the beginning of our newscast, two people in fairfax county were killed tonight because of the high waters. >> gary has the latest now from vienna. >> reporter: in both cases, it happened fast. you can see why in great falls, the waters rose quickly engulfing cars. many were rescued, but one man in one car -- >> either got out or swept out of his vehicle in the great falls area and he is deceased. >> a 12-year-old boy -- >> apparently in his backyard when he was swept away by water that had come up and was quick flash flooding. >> neighbors were taken aback. >> because it is a trickle, but i guess with these rains
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that we've been having, it became dangerous. >> count on the morning commute to be trying. >> we have structure failure of some of the roads. massive flooding on other roads. so there will be significant detours. >> that's friday morning, but thursday night -- >> there may be other cases that we're not aware of. where people may be unaccounted for. >> in other words, we may not yet know the worst. back to you. >> gary, we thank you for that. that is 9news now for tonight. >> good night, everyone. be safe. now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. a new accusation in the beverly hills suicide. why russell's sister believes he was murdered. >> now, a suicide expert breaks down the coroner's report.
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what she said really happened. >> he was determined to die. >> reese witherspoon hit by a car, thrown through the air. >> she was bleeding from the side of her head. >> the latest on her condition today. >> j.r. martinez, "dancing's" real-life war hero. >> i remember screaming at the top of my lungs for someone to pull me out of the vehicle. >> the land mine, 33 surgeries the soap star's survival. >> and recreating the terrifying 9/11 attacks. >> it's extremely painful. >> emmy host jane lynch surrounded by gold men. and halle berry, josh duhamel, we have the scenes behind "new year's eve." >> i dance, i drink, i laugh. >> now, "indepth" on the biggest entertainment stories from around the world. >> what you haven't heard about the beverly hills housewife's suicide. disturbing details from inside
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the coroner's report. hello, i'm mark steines, nancy o'dell is on assignment. tonight the suicide expert breaks down russell's death as his sister cries murder. chris jacobs has the latest in the investigation. >> he used an electrical cord, which is found in the house. stood on a bench. and he wrapped that cord several time as round a beam in the ceiling which is above his head, and he wrapped it several type as round his neck with a knot. that tells us he was determined to die. >> clues from the coroner's report. the 17-page document painted a disturbing scene of how, when and what happened as russell armstrong committed suicide. it appears that he was in the early stages of decomposition. the color of his body shows that there had been some settling of blood. he had been dead for some time. >> dr. lisa boeski is a suicide expert and psychologist.
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she explained gruesome details. russell found dressed in black under wear, a t-shirt and sock, his sung protruding. the tip dark and dry from dehydration. >> in a hanging-type death, we very the tongue is protruding and often turning blue. the fact he didn't receive a suicide note doesn't tell us much. 20% to 25% of people who die e by suicide leave a note. >> today, the family of russell armstrong is crying foul, saying it's not suicide but murder. his sister who appeared on the "today" show said she's considering on suing bravo but according to reports, the family is in the process of hiring a private investigator to work the case. murder? dr. boeski said no way. >> i worked on hundreds of cases and everything i read in there is consistent with suicide. >> i need to get to the office. >> all right. >> who love us? give me big kisses. >> the image of a loving father is one we rarely saw on the show.
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and in fact, the coroner's report confirms russell was depressed due to financial issues and relationship problems. >> russell armstrong was a very high risk for suicide. he was a white male, in his late 40s. going through a divorce he didn't want. had financial problems, legal problems, had the stress of this show. it was reported what was going to come out in the second season about portraying him negatively. >> bravo is take a lot of heat continuing with the show. viewers want to watch, 2.2 million caught the season premiere. that's 42% more than watched last season's premiere. thank you very much. now, reese witherspoon rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. we're getting you up to date on her condition in tonight's latest news. >> she was hit and then tumbled in the air and landed on the grass. >> reese hit by a car while jogging at this intersection. >> i'm sure her head hit the
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cement, because it was bleeding. an eye witness talks to us, as we break the news that the oscar winner was hurt. >> a ran toward the person and she looked fabulous, i said you look so strong and beautiful, you will be okay. >> she smiled and laughed. she was hit in her leg, i saw the leg. it was bruised. >> reese was taken by ambulance to the hospital, tweet treated and released. her rep told us the actress was not seriously injured and is resting comfortably at home. today we're told all good. an 84-year-old woman was cited for the accident got good news from the superstar. >> she kept saying please don't sue me, i have nothing and reese was lovely and said i wouldn't think of that. >> so good to know reese is okay. >> now, matt damon's close call in manhattan. he was nearly licked on the head by michael douglas, you heard me like, licked. we caught michael in the act with our celebrity gps.
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>> new york city was the locale for michael's strange pda. damon's wife didn't seem to mind. all were on hand for the premiere of matt and marion's movie "contagion" out friday. matt and michael will soon be working together on a liberace bio pic. >> we're going shoot it next june. >> matt was on a film, complete with wide collar and gold chain ben is certainly staying alive. >> in toronto. final preparations are in full swing at the ritz carlton for tonight's gala opening of the toronto film festival. in charge of high-end food, chef tom brody. >> this baby is $200 a truffle. >> stars attending, brad pitt, george clooney, madonna and opening the festival, u2. perhaps they'll stay in one of
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the 2500 square foot suites. amenities include the simple, like cotton candy to the complex. >> so far the most unusual request is for a guest that their mattress be flown here and we'll put that in their suite. >> to santa clarita, north of l.a., orlando and his pooch on a photo shoot. >> he's been everywhere with me. >> all for "men's health" on stands tuesday. >> now to the far north. minot, north dakota. >> this is the house we group up in. josh duhamel's bittersweet visit to his childhood home. >> last time i lived here i was this tall. >> with him, sister ashley remembering their bedroom. >> the house, now being rebuilt just last june, nearly under water. >> this is where the water level was? >> in fact, thousands of hopes were damaged beyond the repair, following that record-breaking flood. >> it's just heartbreaking to be honest. >> but now josh is giving back. throwing a benefit concert with wife, fergie, and blacked eyed peas. >> he's put together something that this town will never forget. >> josh, the honorary chairman
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for the minot area recovery fund, helped raise more than $1.3 million. >> all of the money will put people back in their homes. >> thanks, josh! >> you see the smile on people's faces. >> it's all worth it. >> josh will be back on the big screen december 9th in new year's eve, where he is surrounded by an absolutely all-star cast and we have your first look behind the scenes right now. >> the countdown begins. >> lea michele in the first big screen role being booed by ashton kutcher. >> who are you going to kiss at midnight? >> it will be our biggest new year's eve party to date. a-lister, fill the screen. halle berry, pregnant jessica biel, sarah jessica part parker and josh duhamel. >> i dance, i drink, i laugh. >> what do you think? >> somebody will have a happy new year. >> a few famous faces in gary marshall's "new year's eve." >> i love "new year's eve." it's my favorite holiday. it's like the world is your oyster all over again. >> it's not about love stories.
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there's a lot of different things going on. >> katherine heigl getting even with ex, jon bon jovi. >> i've been plotting that for years. >> it wasn't nearly as satisfying as i thought it would be. >> really amazing. >> you know what will be fun? >> zac efron, michelle pfeiffer and hilary swank, ring in the new year with ryan seacrest in new york city. >> this is the place to be. >> this is magic. >> a great group of people having a great time together. >> the ball drops on new year's eve when it opens december 9th. >> take one. >> this is the same team that turned valentine's day into a blockbuster. that film made $200 million worldwide. still ahead, "dancing's" war heroes turned soap star shares his story of surviving a land mine blast in iraq. julienne hough talking about "footloose" and what's jane lynch planning for the big night? we'll let her tell you when "e.t." returns.
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>> hugh jackman in paris thrilling the fren
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ten more days until jane lynch takeovers television's biggest night. the 63rd primetime emmys. we have new secrets straight from the host herself. >> i think there will be some singing. with me dancing is always negotiable. maybe i'll have gorgeous men behind me doing it. >> sue sylvester trades in her track suit for full on glamour hosting tv's biggest night. >> i think we're going to cram a
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lot into that time in terms of comedy. that's our hope. >> the show's executive producer is mark burnett of "survivor" fame. he know what to expect. >> a lot of dress, glam, carpet. a lot of drama involved. >> catch the team in action when emmys air live on fox. jane won an emmy last year. she could do it again. >> my emmy is on my fireplace mantle. i stare at it all day long. i sleep with it. >> but win or lose, she expects to thrill the audience. p jane brings intelligence. you look into her eyes and there is somebody at home. >> i cannot wait for the big night september 18th. who could be winning emmys and oscars in the years to come? the new teen "vogue" breaks down hottest young stars who are ready to shoot to the top. julienne hough, the new photo shoot of the star in a dress by h&m and we are behind the scenes as she spills set secrets.
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>> a lost people are what? they're remaking it? it's true to the original. it's obviously modern day, so it fits the generation of today. >> you can't keep up? >> julianne is amazing in "footloose." she works really hard but she makes it look really easy. >> the photos appear in the october issue of "teen vogue." on stands october 13th. the magazine features kardashian sisters and spotlights young hollywood stars who they predict will make it big. >> i'm kat graham. >> i'm thomas o'donnell. i'm colin ford. i'm miles keller. >> thomas is called the next johnny depp. while kat graham is on. "vampire diaries." >> cover girl lilly colin star was taylor lautner in "abduction" but gained attention as sandra bullock's daughter in "the blindside." >> taylor has another big movie you may have heard of. only we can show you the two teaser posters for the "twilight" saga.
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"breaking dawn part one." the blockbuster hitting theaters november 18th. write that down. coming up in just a minute, how "csi: new york" is paying tribute for the attacks of 9/11. war hero turned soap star j.r. martinez, we're taking you inside his "dancing with the stars" rehearsal when "e.t." rolls on. ♪ "entertainment tonight," the world leader for 20 years, closed captioning provided by --
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just 11 days until the wildest cast in "dancing" history hits the ballroom floor. this season will feature the first real-life war hero. now samantha harris takes you behind the scenes of j.r. martinez's rehearsal. >> i remember everything about that day. being trapped inside the truck and literally thinking, there was no way i was going to be able to live again, let alone be here today.
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>> dancing with karina smirnoff a joyful chapter in an inspirational life story. a high school hero. j.r. joined the army to serve in iraq. at age 19, his life changed forever. >> on april 5th, 2003 i was driving a humvee through the city of karbala when it hit a land mine. the other three soldiers were thrown out. vehicle, all walked away with different types of injuries. i was the most severe, because i was trapped because it caught on fire. i remember screaming and yelling for someone to pull me out of the vehicle. for that brief moment it gave me just a kind of hopeless feeling that this is where it's all going to end. then i was evacuated. ended up in san antonio texas where i spent two and a half years in recovery and had 33 surgeries. that was a tough road. that was a tough road. that's, by far, the hardest thing i've had to learn how to adapt to. >> who is this brave young man? jose renee martinez, calls dalton, georgia his home town. he is single. age 28, and a sought-after motivational speaker and actor.
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>> let me take the bullet. >> for three seasons he portrayed a returning veteran turned police officer on abc's "all my children" now he is kicking up his heels. >> i'm calling myself brown swan, bringing it out. and dip. >> we're excited to show what we got. >> when the show premieres september 19th. j.r. and karina will dance the viennese waltz. >> with a military background he wants to go and go and go. he doesn't want to take breaks. i'm the one who has got to sit down, i'm like, hold on, i'm thinking. i say my feet are killing, he gets going. >> for more, go to >> karina has turned into quite a medic for j.r., he dances and she tossed it back right there in the dance hall. of course a little toe injury is nothing to j.r. >> nothing at all. he's such an amazing guy, as a veteran, we know j.r. is
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thinking about the tenth anniversary of 9/11. many special tributes air on television, including "csi: new york." the season premiere reflects how "csi:" handles that. >> it was ten years ago this coming sunday, america under attack. >> it was a terrible, terrible, terrible, day. i'll never, ever forget it. every september 11th, i watch the footage that exists out there. >> on the season premiere, "csi: new york" will flash back to that unforgettable day. recreated is the panic in the streets that followed the world trade center attacks and detective max is in the middle of it all. co-star sela ward -- has her own memories. >> one of my best friend's
2:28 am
brother was the pilot in that plane that went down at the pentagon. so extraordinarily painful, really painful. >> here at paramount pictures, the smoke comes from machines, the people on the street are extras, first responders are actor, for the show's supervising producer it creates a memory. john dove was a real first responder on the scene. >> we jumped into the ambulance and asked him to take us as far into the area as he could. we all jumped out. at that point we walked around basically looking for people that needed help. really there weren't a lot of people to help. most of the people already perished in those collapses. it was a horrible, horrible, horrible day for everyone. on "csi: new york," the reality was reflected. >> you lost your wife on 9/11. right? >> yes, i did. >> did they -- was she ever -- >> no, no, she was never identified. >> sinise has been committed to
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those who risked their lives in the 9/11 rescue efforts and to the families of those who gave all, like his friend, john. >> john unfortunately lost two of his sons that day. he lost one as a police officer and another that was a firefighter. "csi: new york" premieres september 23rd on cbs. >> when you think of the memory of all of the people lost, you know, it's important to recognize them, again and again. >> it's very, very important, ten years later, that we don't forget. >> this sunday, cbs will air a two-hour special, 9/11, ten years later is hosted by legendary new yorker, robert de niro. stick around, we are coming right back. in tonight's "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which grammy winner had a cameo in "charlie's angels:full throttle"?
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gwen stefani, pink or britney spears? your answer is next in the "e.t." birthdays. now our lawrence zarian talks fall trends with celebrity designer lauren conrad. >> lauren, what can we expect from your fall collection? >> it's pretty, soft, muted, very romantic. >> in this first look we have the pleated skirt which i love. this is one of my favorite pieces that we did. >> the skirt just $50. the woven browse at $44. add a boyfriend blazer for $70. >> what is that one item every woman must have this fall? >> it's always a blazer for me. that's the piece that i wear the most. >> let's see another look. >> all right. here we have a black french terry. i love these pants because they are so comfortable. >> the skinny pants $54. add a polka-dot blouse, $50 and a gold blow necklace, $24. >> the collection is exclusively
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at kohl's. >> thank you for stopping by. >> thanks for having me. >> kohl's expect great things. ♪
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travel consideration provided by -- in tonight's "entertainment tonight" birthdays. jonathan taylor thomas turns 30 and which grammy winner had a cameo in "charlie's angels:full throttle" that is pink who today turns 32. >> it was the murder trial that riveted the nation all of the way to the controversial verdict. casey anthony is set free. now casey's parents going on the record with dr. phil and we have the first look at our riveting new interview tomorrow. we'll see you then and have a
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